The Kamiwolf is an ancestral creature that has long lived in seclusion in the Pandalan highlands. Half boowolf and half bow wow, it's just the friend you need to perfect your most admirable look!

A close cousin of the Cannylynx who prefers the dense, leafy forests of the Aerdala heights, the Kamiwolf is known as the white boowolf throughout all of Pandala. Elevated to near godlike status by a few fanatics who believe that it is a manifestation of the goddess Pandawa herself, this creature is now yearning desperately for a change of scene. What would you say to taking it along with you on a stroll?


From today through Wednesday, August 3 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time), you'll find the (chameleon) Kamiwolf petsmount in the shop for €7.99 or 8,000 ogrines!

A lovely, fiery coat, a sharp gaze and an irrepressible desire to see the world – the Kamiwolf makes the perfect companion on your long strolls in the moonlight (also perfect for broad day!).