While some look forward to summer for its rush of outdoor festivals, others with a taste for danger make their way to The Dreggon Peninsula. That island has got a soundtrack all its own – screams, heavy footsteps and desperate scampering, chomping and slurping and cracking bones – and its own unique pleasures, like coming back in one piece with a new shield!

It's the same thing every year…

Some enjoy the pleasure of seeing the monsters of rock, metal or even bwork'n'roll on stage at huge festivals, while others endure the terror of facing off against actual monsters with a mighty appetite. Those monsters are of course none other than Grozilla and Grasmera, The Dreggon Peninsula's kings of claws and scales.

It's the same thing every year… but every year, there are also a few little changes to spice up your adventure!

What's New, Predators?

Grozilla and Grasmera will be appearing right at the beginning of the event!

No need to wait for an encore to hear your favorite music – the giants will be hitting you with their heaviest material right away! And more to the point, you won't have to gather Sauroshell shells this time to lure them out from backstage. That's why we've changed the weight of this resource to help lighten our adventurers' bags…

Even so, it'll still be useful to hunt down some Sauroshells, since besides their slight chance of dropping the Polykrome Scale Shield directly, collecting 100 Sauroshell shards will let you pick up this shield from Syn Jorge at [-4,25] no matter what. In exchange for your 100 Sauroshell shards, of course!

Visit The Dreggon Peninsula from Thursday, August 4 at 3 p.m. through Thursday, September 8 at 3 p.m. CEST! A festival of fighting awaits!

Note from August 1st 2022: In order to purchase the Polykrome Scale Shield, you need to have the regular Scale Shield equipped.