Bzzz… Zzzzzz… ZZZ… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! SPLAT! There's no doubt about it: Good weather is back. Moskitos too. Luckily, Hecate, Protector of Jullier, can strike a dishcloth backhand like no other. Well, her powers are actually a little more extraordinary than that. We'll tell you more while taking the opportunity to unveil the pack that is dedicated to her!

It holds the top place on the podium, and yet… The warm season isn't without its drawbacks. We wait impatiently for it all year long, eager for barbecue after barbecue, to bask in the sun, and to take midnight swims (yes, we remember what you did last summer…), but that's without counting on an unwelcome visitor. A shameless, thirsty one who crashes the party every year and doesn't mind being a freeloader.

For a good two months at least, it will get on your nerves… and your veins!

Tell yourself it could be worse. Because actually, there are many more moskitos than you think. Fortunately, Hecate, Protector of Jullier, puts her talents as a metamorph at the disposal of Twelvians every year. So she doesn't hesitate to take on the unappealing look of borbats or froogs to eliminate as many of these pests as possible.

To carry out her mission, the one known as "The Hoaxer" brings in the best people to help her. Blid, the Meridia of Strictness, encourages her to keep going when her motivation wanes, while Krisdanh, the Meridia of Loss, strives to eliminate more and more moskitos each year.

Although the meridia Gurvamon enables her to give Twelvians a favorable summer by maintaining seasonal norms, it seems Hecate is responsible for the occurrence of peak temperatures in Jullier. It is said that her all-consuming love for Ulgrude is what causes her to have uncontrollable hot flashes…

At the same time, the protector also uses her metamorphic talents for less noble purposes. Let's not forget that she is, first and foremost, a demon! Once she has chosen the right envelope, she doesn't hesitate to stalk, observe, and spy. Think about that the next time you feel as though someone is following you…

To celebrate the return of the warm season, we recommend picking up the Hecate Pack. It's available in the shop now through Wednesday, August 3 10 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), and it contains:

  • a Jullier Spirit pet;
  • a Hecate Set: Hecate's Morph (cape), Hecate's Secret Love (shield), and Hecate's Malicious Horns (headgear);
  • and the Hecate's Kiss emote.

Each item will be linked to the account for six months, and all the items are on sale together for €9.99 or 10,000 OG.