Ahem… Sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your Osatopian adventure. Much as we hate to pull you away from polishing your beastology skills or capturing Modsters, something tells us you'll find this interruption useful… heck, you could even win an adorable new pet!

For the past few weeks, Osatopia has been the World of Twelve's hottest destination. It's been a summer filled with animal energy, but plenty of love as well. The kind of love we can only feel for our favorite furry (or feathery… or maybe even scaly) friends. That unbreakable love that drives us to take care of them and give them everything they need to become…


Speaking of which… Imagine for a moment that every creature in the World of Twelve could evolve to the megalteration stage. What would an Arachnid, a Boorlou or a Jelly look like, once it had transformed into a megamodster? Think you've got an idea? Great! How about getting it down on paper? Or on your graphics tablet, whatever works for you.

To go along with the biggest event of the summer, we're inviting you to take part in a drawing contest!

The concept is a simple one: choose one of the countless creatures that populate the World of Twelve, then imagine what its megamodster form would look like. Can you see it? Well then, all that's left it to bring it to life in an awesome drawing!

Signing up is easy:

  • First, follow Osamodas' lead by giving your new creature all the love and attention you can! Make it as extraordinary and astounding as possible by using whichever technique you prefer: a traditional one using pencils, or a digital approach with a stylus and tablet.
  • Once your masterpiece is complete, upload it to a hosting site like
  • Your creation must be posted in another forum topic:
Traditional art
Digital art

by using the [img]MyImageLink[/img] tag format, or by following this tutorialNote: any entries posted below (in this post announcing the contest) will not be considered.


You have until 11:59 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, August 15 to submit your entry… and not a minute longer!


Then, on Tuesday, August 23, a jury of DOFUS team members will select the two best drawings: one drawn with the traditional technique and one made with digital tools.

The winners will be announced in a comment below this post on Wednesday, August 24. They'll each receive:

  • A new ceremonial pet – the Horneteddy! (Couldn't you just eat him up?)
  • A class pack of their choice
  • A "Paint" emote

Before getting started, make sure to follow a few basic rules:

  • The theme of your drawing must relate to Osatopia and megalteration.
  • It must be a unique creation.
  • You must provide a name (strict requirement).
  • Please mention the name of the existing monster from which you took your inspiration.
  • Only one entry per account and per player will be accepted.
  • You are allowed to edit your participation post in the appropriate forum topic until the contest's deadline (11:59 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, August 15)
  • Last but not least, your drawing must respect all of our Terms of Use.

Also note that all DOFUS players are free to enter: this contest is not restricted to Osatopia players only!


Let your imagination run wild! We can't wait to see what sorts of creatures you're about to bring into the world…