For Pouchecot, life is like a bowl of cherries, and he's always feeling peachy keen. His secret? Making people smile and enjoying a diet made up entirely of fresh fruits – two strict rules that define his philosophy of life. So though his jokes sometimes go over like a lead balloon, his diet is as light as a summer breeze! The Pouchecot Pack, on the other hand, is worth its weight in golden delicious apples!

The month of Frauguctor is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds alike. Sweet, juicy, sun-drenched fruits of all kinds bring a rainbow of colors to our tables, much to the delight of healthy eaters everywhere. It takes patience and time for citronanas to turn from bwork green to tofu yellow, for cherries to take on their luscious red color, deeper than the glowing lava that bubbles beneath Brakmar, and for every raspberry on the bush to turn that perfect blushing shade that means they're finally ready to eat… but it also takes a little hands-on help from the master in the art of ripening fruits: Pouchecot himself!

The Protector of Frauguctor has his own very special method to work this tasty magic. A technique that's proven its value over the years, and that's plenty of fun besides: humor!

After all, it's no secret that the protector known as "The Fruitcake" loves nothing better than a good joke. He never misses an opportunity to make his friends giggle with a wacky pun or well-timed wisecrack. He's even been known to tell a dirty joke or two (though rarely outside of his closest circle of friends). And he uses that same sense of humor with fruits as well, which get to laughing so hard that they ripen in the blink of an eye!

But Pouchecot's work doesn't stop there… For a long time, people assumed that Twelvians' good moods as the month of Frauguctor approached was due to the well-deserved vacations that most of them took around then, and the long days they spent sipping corktails on the beaches of Moon Island without worrying about tomorrow. In fact, what really makes Twelvians so cheerful is the constant stream of witticisms that ol' Fruitcake whispers in their ears!

To help keep everyone happy all month long, Pouchecot doesn't mind asking for a little help from his friends. Jycedus and Puliblak play a major part in this thoroughly kind-hearted action. Zeg, the Meridia of Laziness, is in charge of finding especially relaxed "victims" for Pouchecot who aren't busy with anything else, so they can fully appreciate his various zingers and knee-slappers. Meanwhile, Guiboun sometimes helps him to fine-tune his jokes and turn the laughter they bring into an uncontrollable explosion of joy!

And speaking of joy, it's been a real joy for us putting together a new pack inspired by this irrepressible jokester! The Pouchecot Pack is available in the shop through Thursday, September 8 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), and contains:

  • A Frauguctor Spirit pet
  • A Pouchecot Set: Pouchecot's Postiche (hat), Pouchecot's Poncho (cape), and Pouchecot's Peacekeeper (shield)
  • A Pouchecot's Ripening emote

Each item will be linked to the account for six months, and all the items are on sale together for €9.99 or 10,000 OG.