The DOFUS World Cup is back! Who will take the title from reigning champions Rafale? Maybe you!

PvP addicts have a huge number of tournaments to keep them busy all year round. But if you had to pick just one, it would surely be the DOFUS World Cup, starting in just a few days! Cash prizes, drama and excitement, and plenty of room for you and your team: read on for all the details about the biggest competition of the year!


A tournament this big needs a solid and well-structured format, and KTA is back again this year to organize things with its usual flair!

  • The classic 3v3 draft format you've grown accustomed to over the years is the same again this year. All matches will be played after an initial stage that defines the class compositions that will face each other in the tournament. So versatility is a must… but you can still set your favorite classes as your top priority if you like!

  • To make it easier for everyone to participate, one substitute can be registered per team, and multi-account play is permitted for all matches. So there's really no excuse for forfeiting a match!

  • Because it's essential to have a level playing field, the tournament will be held on the tournament server, where all game equipment will be provided to you. Whether your inventory is overflowing with kamas and gear or not, everyone has the same chances!

  • During the competition, you'll start by playing through 13 qualification matches in Swiss-style rounds. Then, if your team is one of the top 64, make your way up the big final bracket on your path to the title!


The DOFUS World Cup is starting soon, so there's no time to waste!

Registration is already open, and will be closing next Friday.

The tournament itself will be held from September 25 through October 30. As for the exact dates, a picture is worth a thousand words!


We know that your main motivation is to let your talents as a warrior shine in the arena for everyone to see. But as a bonus, there are also some great rewards to be won!

  • Cash prizes, of course: the current amount is €3,000, and it may go even higher in the near future. Stay tuned to learn more in the next few days!

  • Prestige equipment: the top 4 players will receive a Champion Set and an Escuktaeon to show off their power!

A qualification to get you aiming even higher: the 4 semi-finalists will join the DOFUS Masters, KTA's elite end-of-season tournament, with even bigger rewards to be won!

Sign me up!

As you can see, everything's ready to go… all we're missing is you!

So don't hesitate: everyone and anyone can register for the DOFUS World Cup. There are no conditions and no space limitations – everyone is welcome at this competition!

To register, head to the KTA website. If you need a tutorial, there's one available here.


Have you got a Twitch or YouTube channel where you'd like to stream the matches? KTA is happy to help! Drop in to the KTA Discord server and contact one of the "Head Staff" to make your request!

And if you're a spectator, keep an eye on the DOFUS category on Twitch to find livestreams following the competition!

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