The Panache Set has developed quite a following. Many of you were quick to pick it up. With its matching headgear, shields, and Neutro pet, its charm and beauty were too much for you to resist. In short, you really liked it. Ready for more? In that case, maybe it's time to add a bit of "Panache" to your mount and your cape too!

From now through Wednesday, November 16, you can update your look from cape to toe with the Neutro Dragoturkey Harness and Panache Capes Blind Box.

Neutro Dragoturkey: it doesn't get any darker than this!

Intense color. Streamlined curves. With the new Neutro Dragoturkey, prepare to get carried away…

Give your mount the harness it deserves!

After that, all that's left is to let your new Panache Cape flap boldly in the breeze…

Aqueous Panache Cape

Don't be shy – show off your panache to everyone in sight! Though some may not see clearly through their jealous tears…

Volatile Panache Cape

With this cape, your panache will reach previously unheard-of heights! To the heavens, by the Twelve!

Fiery Panache Cape

From now on, when you go blazing ahead of everyone else on the path to glory, you won't feel any need to apologize to those you leave behind. You're not cutting in line, you're just giving them the rare and precious opportunity to admire the fiery spectacle of your cape.

Botanic Panache Cape

No one will ever have to ask you again whether your wardrobe choices are environmentally responsible, and you won't have to check the label to be sure. This cape answers all those questions at a glance, and could even win you some new companions. Talk about eco-friendly!

All of these items will be linked to the account for 182 days.

You've got until 11:59 p.m. (CET) on November 16 to complete your prestigious look!


Neutro Dragoturkey Harness + a free Capes blind box: €4.99 or 5,000 ogrines

Capes blind box alone: €1.99 or 2,000 ogrines

Each Capes blind box gives you a 24.75% chance to get any one of the capes, and a 1% chance of getting them all! For this release, the Panache Set, the Neutro pet, and the headgear and shield blind boxes will all be returning to the shop for the same period of time.

Don't miss your chance for total panache!