Back in 2014 as the game clocked its first decade, Ankama introduced Veteran Rewards in DOFUS to celebrate all of YOU – the adventurers who had joined us on the first day, everyone who hopped onto the Krosmoz train along the way and supported the game by subscribing. But what about veteran rewards for the "16 years and counting" crowd?


Like many MMOs, DOFUS rewards its players' loyalty in several ways, one of which is the Veteran Rewards system. These exclusive items are gifted to our players after they reach certain milestones in total number of days subscribed.

There is no other way to get these items in-game, making them precious to some. Petsmounts, sets, sidekicks, emotes, pets… 76 gratifying presents are available to players as thank you gifts for their loyalty and support over the years.

Fifteen years of accumulated subscription time is a true achievement and something we celebrate with great enthusiasm! As some rare veteran souls are nearing the total days subscribed requirement to unlock the last reward, the community as been asking about what we have planned for after the 15-year milestone.

We thought long and hard about it.


Since there is such a small number of players that have attained this threshold so far, and taking into account the feedback we have received on the veteran rewards gifts, it didn't seem fair to continue with ceremonial items for such a momentous milestone. At the same time, it was out of the question for us to stop celebrating your loyalty and support because they mean so much to us.

For those who have reached the 16 year of subscription landmark, we think we have reached a point in our very long adventure together where we are genuinely celebrating a joint anniversary. We even looked into silver holloware – just saying… That said, even after so many years, how can we really be 110% sure you are truly happy with your gift? We think you should get to choose for yourself what gift you want to receive to celebrate this high point in your DOFUS adventure.

Therefore, we’ve decided that from the 16th year onwards, the Veteran Reward gift will be an anniversary appreciation token worth 10,000 OG (linked). This way, you get to decide how to best celebrate your subscription anniversary with us and ensure you get a gift you will genuinely like.

How will it work?

As mentioned in the terms of use, one year of subscription equals 360 days. With the last Veteran Reward being the Az’Hasstwo Shield at 5,400 days, the 10,000 linked Ogrines will be given to you at 5,760 days, and subsequently every 360 days after that going forward.

Unlike the other Veteran Rewards, the 10,000 linked ogrines will not appear in the scrollable Veteran Rewards area of the gift interface. Instead, you will be able to collect them from the regular gift interface (either in-game or on the website).

In-game interface
Online gift interface
Launcher gift interface