Update 2.65 is coming soon! We suggest killing two birds with one stone: Learn more about the contents of the update in detail, and gaze upon the cheery and relaxed faces of Logan and his friends during a back-to-school livestream!

Tell me it's not true!  You're at it again? Once again, you're stubbornly clinging to the bittersweet memories of those days of pure idleness that characterized your summer. But, guess what? Lazing about on beaches does not a hero make! What were you thinking? That your legend would write itself?

Update 2.65 is coming soon, so come on – back to work! Before testing (and hopefully approving) the new features coming your way, we recommend watching the special livestream about the update.

On Tuesday, September 6 at 3:00 p.m., go to our Twitch channel for a two-part livestream! Stream schedule:

  • In the first part, join Logan, Djinn and Kewl. 
  • For the second part, Kewl will be replaced by Crocus and Idseas!

The livestream will be in French, but there will be occasional English summaries during the stream.
After the livestream ends, several devblogs will be published, in all languages this time, on the website.

See you then!