In response to your feedback, we have decided to ban the practice of "discounted offers" on DOFUS Retro. Read more about it below.

Explanation and concept

A discounted trade is an offer from one player to another to exchange items at a lower-than-average price, on the spot, directly.

Discounted offers have been around DOFUS for well over a decade: to make a quick kama, clear the bank to reduce the bank fees, mass buy resources to power level professions, the list goes on.

The issue over time is that discounted offers evolved into a chat interface nuisance for everyone. While the enemies list was a quick and fast solution initially, it proved inefficient for players to protect their gaming experience from such pestering. As a result, these abusively repetitive messages drowned out other offers.

Community comments and feedback over the years

The community has always been very vocal for years, and for some time, we felt it was not conducive to the well-being of the player-driven community to allow what we deemed for a long time to be within the rules of the game to continue as is. Players are allowed to sell their items at the price they want, as the economy is governed solely by its players. Still, the tremendous overall feedback focused mainly on discounted offers' spamming factor, as the abusive and repeated publication of these messages and the accumulation of both renders the channels unreadable. These offers have sadly become detrimental to the proper reading of the channel.

As we listened to your numerous comments on the DOFUS forums over time, it became evident that our focus on the topic needed to shift: regardless of whether buying and selling items in high quantities at a reduced price is deemed harmful to the game, the reality is that the rules as they are have allowed for unhealthy in-game trades.

It is also important to mention that most instances of discounted offers became a conniving strategy to dissipate stolen items, which brings no positive evolution to the player-driven economy. Furthermore, behind numerous discounted offers are ties to RMT (Real Money Transactions), and while the initiative being discussed in this news relates solely to the trade chat management that will be accomplished by moderators, we will continue, on our end, to address RMT with our ever-evolving tools and initiatives behind closed doors as we have been doing for some time. The difference is that in this ever-so-complex web of illicit activities and community trade chat spam fest, the Moderation team will start to clean out the trade channels of the DOFUS servers.

The goal

Our goal is simple: to make these sellers, who poison the community daily with illegitimate trades or make the trade channel unreadable to players, disappear over time.

And yet, while the goal is simple, the execution is not. As we continue to observe, analyze and study the situation to research potential alternatives/solutions to this problem for the future, this new interdiction is an interim solution that we are certain will still go through some changes and revisions as time goes by. But, like you, we've had enough, as have the moderators. Despite our current technological limitations, we would much rather get into action and work towards an improved and healthier in-game environment and economy.

When deciding on the new rule, we knew it needed to be clear, precise, and robust to limit discounted offers on the trade channel as much as possible, as we feel that the misuse of other channels and flooding are already addressed by different rules.

Discounted offers are indeed an unscrupulous practice, but it is based on players' eagerness to sell certain items, so we needed to be careful to make sure the rule wouldn't punish a genuine and rule-abiding player from making a quick kama. Alas, no rule will be perfect from the get-go, and we think this is a good start.

When you publish an offer to buy or sell, you must indicate the item(s) or resource(s) you want to buy or sell and the desired price.

The purpose of this rule is to ban the practice referred to as "% off trades" (buying or selling items en masse at abnormally low prices). Any message that could be assimilated with this practice can therefore be sanctioned.

When is this happening?

After the Tuesday server maintenance of September 6, moderators will start applying sanctions to all those who do not respect the rule mentioned above.

How can I help?

As a matter of fact, you cannot. Moderators will have a steep climb ahead of them, as this new interdiction is added to the plethora of rules they already enforce, even if we can tell you they are as eager to start as you are to see your trade channels discounted-offers free.

As well-intentioned as you might be, and we genuinely are ever so grateful for all those who participate in reporting rule-breaking behaviour, we ask you not to report discounted offers to moderators or Support.

The moderation team will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis. There is a desire for an educational approach towards genuine players, with an effort to refocus their commercial messages to comply with the channel interface rules, and the moderation processes have been written around that focal point. However, make no mistake: the force of the ban hammer will be stealthy and ruthless in most cases, specifically individuals who have no qualms in polluting the chats, without caring for the community's chat environment.