Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7, Beta 2.65 will be available in-game! There will be two devblogs and one changelog so you can be up to date before beginning this new chapter.

The Osatopia adventure is barely over, and we're swiftly moving on to the beta for the next update (kind of like ripping off a band-aid to help push through the pain).

In this beta you'll get to test out the newly balanced Pandawa class as well as the updated common spells. There's more information on these two points in the special devblogs about them, which you'll find here:

Devblog – Pandawa Balancing

Devblog – Changes to Common Spells

And be sure to check out all the improvements in this beta by reading the changelog, to be posted the same day the beta goes online.

During this beta phase, your characters will not be imported. Various NPCs will be available to help you level up and get equipped. Unlike in previous betas, all dungeons will be open and accessible, so you'll get to test the updated content wherever you go!