Being among the first to test the balanced Pandawas and updated common spells is a great excuse to log in to DOFUS today!

You committed player you!

Whenever a new beta comes out, you're ready to test.

Well, today is no exception. You've got plenty of work to do… But it's no big deal to you. After all, you weren't born – or rather, you weren't incarnated yesterday.

So, yeah! If you like testing, finding and reporting bugs, and helping us improve your favorite game, it's time to play your part.

This beta will feature:

Then simply log in to the game to enjoy all the new features and share your impressions with us!
During this beta phase, your characters will not be imported. Instead, various NPCs will be available to help you level up and get equipped. Unlike in previous betas, all dungeons will be open and accessible, so you can test the updated content wherever you go!

You can report all bugs you encounter in the dedicated forum section: Report a bug on the 2.65 Beta server

* While we wait for this mammoth of a changelog to be translated to English, feel free to use an external translation tool to peruse the French version of the changelog.