His task is a thankless yet crucial one. He isolates himself to keep everything turning. It's a complex duty that must be intuited. Raval, protector of the month of Septangel, is the latest to get a pack honoring him.

The leaves are turning red, and it's getting windy. The sun has that saffron glow you see in Septangel. Its rays shine upon the cool, wet paths of the forest. Perched on the slowly thinning branches are birds with fluffed up plumage, poised to usher in the early frost of autumn with their melodious song.

There is, however, a dark side to this poetic time of year. In order for Twelvians to behold the magical spectacle of nature as it transforms and takes on a slower pace, each year Raval must perform his appointed task: removing the life-breath of flora and fauna across the World of Twelve. This mission may seem gloomy, but it's also invaluable. Without decay, there would be no rebirth. It's the endless cycle of life…

This role suits him, though… Raval has always flirted with all things deadly. For instance, it was thanks to him that Vil Smisse, son of Ewesson Smisse, founded the Rogue Clan after betraying Djaul. Even starting out as a son to Agony, Queen of the Veriun Dead army, doomed him to be brought up in a morbid world.

That being said, Raval certainly isn't devoid of feeling. At times he is plagued by guilt when forced to carry out his heavy burden. In such moments of weakness, while Lucimay enjoys planting confusion in his mind, he can count on Nufrank to help him toughen up. Vikotoru also assists by showing him the breadth of poetry that results from his work.

In any case, Raval has no choice! Xelor's waiting for him to mess up… For the seasons to keep changing and the krosmic balance to be maintained, his actions are vital!

In keeping with the protector packs we've been offering over the last few months, we present the Raval Pack! This one will be available in the shop through Wednesday, September 21 (11:59 p.m. CEST) and it contains:

  • A Septangel Spirit petsmount
  • The Raval Set: a Ravalesque Eye Patch (headgear), Ravalesque Equinox (cloak), Ravalesque Forgery (shield), and Ravalesque Shoulder Pads (shoulder pads)
  • The Raval Manifestation emote


Each item will be linked to the account for six months, and all the items are on sale together for €9.99 or 10,000 OG.