Are you always looking for a golden opportunity? Or even to be worth your weight in gold? That time has come if you grab the Aurum Pack!

A few months ago, you met Arjan, a dazzling adventurer with a silver tongue. Now it's time to meet his prestigious mentor, the warrior Aurum!


It's difficult to know whether he was known more for his feats in combat or his wardrobe. Regardless, because of the many prizes he won tormenting his opponents in tournaments, Aurum had the means to afford the best artisans in all the World of Twelve. The attire that these artisans crafted for him was as elegant as it was opulent. Aurum even boasted that he had inherited his shield from the goddess Feca herself. His gear's splendor was so great and so uplifting that he literally grew wings! But maybe all that is just the stuff of legend…


What we do know for sure is that his resplendent get-up helped him to tame the Golden Armour, a small creature as attracted to the gleaming yellow metal as he was. Together they formed a splendid adventurous duo who everyone would immediately recognize. They also made many people jealous!


Are you one of the envious ones? Be jealous no more! You can now form your own duo with the Aurum Pack! The pack includes:

  • The Aurum Set (headgear, cloak and ceremonial shield)
  • Aurum's Attire (costume)
  • An Ormure (ceremonial pet)

This pack (linked to accounts for 6 months) is being sold to fund the cash prizes for the two upcoming KTA circuit tournaments: the DOFUS World Cup (registration open here) and the DOFUS Masters. You can find it in the shop for €9.99 until Sunday, October 23. 40% of the proceeds will go toward the tournament cash prizes.

You can also contribute more to the cash prizes by buying the eSport Pack! It contains:

  • The Aurum Pack (headgear + cloak + shield + costume + pet) linked to the account for 6 months
  • The Arjan Pack (headgear + cloak + shield + costume + pet) linked to the account for 6 months
  • The Virizeon Pack (pet + emote) linked to the account for life

This amazing pack is available for €19.99 until October 23, and 40% of the proceeds will go toward cash prizes for the DOFUS World Cup and DOFUS Masters. Support DOFUS eSport and track the cash prize growth on the KTA website!