With improvements to classes and common spells, come enjoy the World of Twelve in a whole new light. The new DOFUS update is an invitation to travel, rediscover and explore… and now it's finally here!

Here's what's you'll find in this update:

A rebalanced Pandawa class
Modified common spells

Plus other additions that are described in the changelog for this update:

Come see how your life in the World of Twelve will change as a result of these improvements!

Enjoy Your Trip

Expeditions: a new gameplay mechanic starting next week

Awaken the mercenary within and set out on EXPEDITIONS to explore the World of Twelve in search of rewards! You'll have three months to try and collect as many cosmetic items as you can. If you like this new gameplay mechanic, there may be other editions in the future…

To learn more, check it out in-game… or just read the devblog!


Jump into the game on Tuesday, October 4 to experience Expeditions!

This will also be the launch date for the new season of the Kolossium.