As masters of making cutting remarks (no matter what the weapon), Bontarians, just like Brakmarians, go to ridiculous lengths to make the other side feel as worthy as peki poop. Now we're giving them a chance to do exactly that and then some with an outfit that will give them yet another shot at the top spot on the podium!

There's no point in trying to deescalate some fights. For starters, because you can never be sure you won't be on the receiving end of a punch that wasn't intended for you. But also because such fights contribute to the balance of things, and they even ensure harmony somewhat. A couple that has never bickered over stealing the blanket or leaving the toilet seat up is clearly a couple that is in trouble. With an observation like that, you might deduce that all is well between Bontarians and Brakmarians! You could even say the World of Twelve's legendary harmony is down to them! (Well, alright, maybe that's taking it a bit far…)

Instead of trying to reconcile the people of the Dark City and the White City, let them wage war in peace! They could even be encouraged to take the contest a step farther by getting an outfit that will let each side impress the other!

Some will opt for Bontarian elegance with the White City Set, which includes:

  • the High-Rise (cape),
  • the Bontarian Aura (headgear),
  • and the Bontarian Providence (shield).

Others will prefer Brakmarian brutality and will jump at the chance to get the Dark City Set, which includes:

  • the Night Terror (cape),
  • the Gorhelm (headgear),
  • and the Impaler (shield).

So what about you? Have you made your choice?


Both these sets* will be available in the shop until Wednesday, October 5 (11:59 p.m. Paris time) for just €4.99 each.

* These sets are each made up of ceremonial items. If you dissociate a mimisymbiced item from a base item (with stats), you'll recover the mimisymbic, the ceremonial item, and the base item. The items in each set will be linked to the account for 62 days.