Catch your breath, rehydrate, and crack your neck if needed. All good? Ready to go? For what, you ask?! For the new Kolossium season, obviously! There's no rest for true warriors… Season 16 is about to start!

If you've got "Becoming a Legend" on your bucket list (just behind a patio with a fountain in the Astrub suburbs and a front-row ticket to a Feline Vion concert), you've come to the right place.

3v3 fights in random groups or groups formed in advance. And of course, thrilling action, emotions, cries of agony and joy so thoroughly intermingled that you can barely tell which is which… Welcome to the Kolossium experience!

Win as many fights as you can to progress from one bracket to the next and earn legendary status!

Join us now for this new edition of the Kolossium!

As usual for the start of a season, all ratings and leagues will be reset. This means that in order to obtain a rating, a league, and a position on the leaderboard, each player will have to take part in a series of placement matches.

In 1v1, just 5 placement matches are needed to earn a leaderboard position, while in 3v3, you'll have to complete 10 matches.

Once you're done with the placement matches, all that's left is to leap into the arena with everything you've got!