Following the issues with the deployment of Update 2.65, we have decided to activate the «Combine and Harvest» event for a few days. Arm yourselves with your Tingy-Catcher and help Goblaud harvest as many D'vine Tingies as you can!

The deloyment of Update 2.65 has not been an easy task. You can find the history of all the incidents by following this link, and the detail of the compensation with this one.

Starting from the end of the unscheduled maintenance of Thursday, September 22nd and until the beginning of the weekly maintenance of Tuesday, September 27, meet up with Goblaud at [4,4] (outside the Amakna Vigilante Base) to get your hands on a Tingy-Catcher. Fight the dungeon keepers to collect as many D'vine Tingies as you can, and they'll help you to complete the Eternal Harvest quest… and then, at long last, the precious Ochre Dofus will be all yours!

Your chance of obtaining D'vine Tingies will be greater in dungeons in your level bracket or a higher level bracket. There are five different brackets in all: 0 to 5960 to 99100 to 139140 to 189 and 190 to 200.

Contrary to last time, the dungeons containing several bosses will not let you harvest multiple D'vine Tingies in one battle.