We've recently completed a multi-year comprehensive study, and the time has come: we're merging the DOFUS servers.

DOFUS just celebrated its 18th birthday, and our classic server numbers have been stable over the years, with spikes during the holiday season and during special events, all of which are to be expected. Its current population consists of a loyal fanbase large enough to evolve for many years to come. Other games haven't been as fortunate.

Server merges are a natural and healthy part of any MMORPG's life cycle. As a game ages, it needs to combine servers and ensure that players connect in stable, living worlds. What's vital is that it's done with an eye toward the communities of those servers, bringing together enough players on each server to guarantee an optimal game experience.

From the cradle of your DOFUS adventure to the pride of wearing your guild's colors, to the economy that surrounds you, to the glory days of your triumphs, a server with a balanced population offers many more possibilities. DOFUS reaches its full potential when you are part of an active community. Even though opportunities for interaction with players from other servers/communities have been developed over the years, many aspects of the experience are played out on the server

The topic of merging servers is not new. We currently have 16 "classic" DOFUS servers, and we continue to prepare for the arrival of the UNITY version to resolve as many obstacles as possible. The issue of uneven server populations is one of them, generating population imbalances, slow economies, etc.

By merging the servers, we are achieving our main goal of having servers with a similar volume of activity to Ilyzaelle. We have set a number of rules and objectives around this merger, namely:

  • Strongly revitalize the economy of all servers;
  • Reduce the population imbalance between servers, and by extension their competitiveness;
  • Bring a real solution to some servers like Jahash or Crocabulia;
  • Bring the international community together on a single server;
  • Put an end to certain inequalities between servers (new events on certain servers, blocked renowned rewards, etc...);
  • To have a category of "single account" and "multi-account" servers without any specificity for all servers, except for the epic server Shadow.

The first server merge will take place on October 11, and we start with a big challenge!
We're merging four servers that were once nineteen: Echo, Crocabulia, Atcham and Rubilax will be merged into a single international server. On this new international server, community channels will be added to allow players to communicate more effectively with each other, just as they do already on Ilyzaelle, Jahash or even Echo.

Therefore, our communications will focus initially on our international players of these four servers. We will accompany them for this first step. Only then, when everything is done, and everything is running smoothly, will we move to the French community's server mergers.

Other server mergers will follow. This process will occur in stages during the weekly scheduled server maintenance, until all servers are merged into the new ones. 

Following this first merge, please note that it will take two weeks for us to ensure that the process has been completed correctly, without any major incident. This is a minimum time frame, so it can be extended if necessary. In any case, we will keep you informed of our progress.

We would like to draw your attention to the complexity of such a server merger project. This operation is technically complex due to the astronomical volume of data (19 servers, that's a lot of years and shared adventures...) That's why we chose not to share with you our provisional schedule right away, depending on the results after each merger operation. We will be sure to come back to you for the next steps!

As the project progresses, we will publish information before each server merger. We invite you to stay tuned to the different announcements as we progress in this project.

As for what you need to do before the merge, we will do the heavy lifting:  our teams will take care of transferring mounts, houses, paddocks, alliances, guilds, inventories, characters, and banks for everyone. All you need to do is to keep in mind of a few things:

  • All of your items and resources up for sale in the markets and in merchant mode will be transferred to your bank, and sale fees will be refunded.
  • All alliance prisms will be removed during the merge. Any nuggets stored on these prisms will be destroyed during the merge. Make sure you have collected all of yours before the maintenance begins on October 11!
  • Perceptors will be deleted during the merge. Their contents will be transferred to their owner's bank.
  • As a precaution, we recommend that you do not delete any characters during the week before the merge.
  • All server transfers will be deactivated on Sunday, October 2 at 11:59 p.m. CEST. If you want to make sure you're with your friends from another World of Twelve on the same server, now is the time to join them, as the service will remain deactivated until all merges have taken place.

Remember that the purpose of the merges is to increase the active population of the servers, so you may encounter queues during the first few days.

Until more details are shared, we invite you to read our devblog post on how a server merge works and a detailed FAQ article to answer any questions you may have!