Calm, peaceful, and thoughtful: Maimane is the kind of protector you dream of having as a friend. His mere presence is enough to make you feel relaxed, more so than a cup of Dizbi Flower herbal tea. The protector of Octolliard finally has a pack, and it will bring you joy (a quiet, measured and composed joy, of course).

Maimane's character reflects the month he protects. He is calm personified, the calm before the frosty winter storm that grips the World of Twelve in Novamaire and Descendre. Thanks to him, Twelvians can enjoy the very last warmth of the season.

After Hyrkul's attack on Bonta in 135, Maimane sealed Twelvians' emotions in totems, which he then buried in secret locations that only the purest of heart could find. This action helped to calm down the longstanding tensions between the two rival cities that are no longer mentioned, and earned him the nickname of the "Stabiliser".

To maintain this state of gentle harmony that reigns in Octolliard, its protector can count on the unfailing support of Kosal, the Meridia of Stability. It's also during this period that the sun, under the influence of Nitsougnal, emits the most beautiful golden-orange rays.

If you feel especially relaxed during this month, even though there is nothing particularly jovial about it, don't worry: It's just the alliance of Maimane and Dnegeleht, the Meridia of Relaxation, which exerts its positive influence on your muscles and your mind.

In keeping with the protector packs we've been offering over the last few months, we present the Maimane Pack! This one will be available in the shop through Wednesday, October 26 (11:59 p.m. CEST), and it contains:

  • An Octolliard Spirit petsmount
  • A Maimane Set: Maimane's Locks (hat), Maimame's Poise (cloak) and a Maimane Armband (shield)
  • And a Maimane's Quietude emote

* This set consists of ceremonial items that will be linked to the account for six months. The pack costs €9.99 or 10,000 OG