Before heading out on an expedition, make sure you've got the right team with you. Your friends may sometimes be a bit slow to connect, but Lumino is always on time. And in his new version, he's more… luminous than ever before. Pick up his set and match your looks! Just be sure to put on your darkest sunglasses so you can make out the most dazzling part of all – the price!

A new Lumino… and a new style for you!

For your in-game enjoyment, the minifoux with a boost from the magic of the Ivory Dofus has returned in a version that will make your enemies turn white as a sheet. As for the Lumino Set, it'll put everyone on notice that if they try to mess with you… they're bound to get burned!
Pick up the Starter Pack* for just €4 (or 3,500 ogrines).

  • a 1-month subscription
  • Lumino ceremonial set (new!)
  • Lumino Star (new!)

This companion will be right by your side in every fight. He'll heal you, and even prevent certain types of damage. The perfect ally for those who like to dive head-first into the fray!

Lumino Star can also be purchased separately for €2.99 or 3,000 ogrines.

* Can be purchased once per account. The companion and the set are linked for 6 months.