The curse of Al Howin has returned! Jump into the game on Tuesday, October 25. And there's just one instruction: Go squash some squash!

We wait for it every year without fear. We surrender to it but with a certain resilience. It is always punctual to say the least. So far, it hasn't missed a single appointment! Once again, the curse of Al Howin comes knocking at your door. But before opening the door, arm yourself with a sharp pumpkwin carving tool and a savage desire to show it why this time of year is called "the fall."

It's time to squash some Al Howin tofu and gobball squashes! Head over to Al Howin's Vegetable Patch to puree them into a pulp!

This year the Evil Forest has had a revamp. Menace is always happy to see you there… You know what you have to do!

Jump into the game from Tuesday, October 25 (during maintenance) to Tuesday, November 8 (during maintenance)!