The curse of Al Howin has returned! Jump into the game starting Wednesday, October 26. And there's just one instruction: Go squash some squash!

It's a date we can't escape and dread more than anything else. Like a visit to the dentist or a great aunt with hairy cheeks (take a good look in the mirror. You probably have some too).

It seems the research into lifting the terrible curse that descends on the World of Twelve and its inhabitants every year is yet to bear any fruit. Tofus and gobballs have once again fallen victim to it… If you want our advice, you should be careful because you could be next on the list! So, if you go and kick the rumpkins of these gourdy creatures, you can harvest the Pumpkwin Head headgear, the only known remedy to temporarily protect yourself against the evil spell.

Log into the game from Wednesday, October 26 (during maintenance) until Wednesday, November 9 (during maintenance)!