The 2022 edition of Ankama's special conference is underway! Check out the schedule for this highly informative day, then head over to Twitch to keep up with everything we'll be announcing and unveiling. And make it snappy!

Don't miss out: KrosmoNote 2022 is taking place right now! You can watch it here:

We're waiting for you!

As a reminder, the event is organized around three round tables, each focused on a specific theme. From there, representatives for various teams and projects at Ankama may take part in discussions on the given topic. In between these discussions, we'll take a closer look at several content areas.

Plus, a Twitch Drop* campaign is running on our Ankama Live channel! If you watch the KrosmoNote stream for at least two hours, you'll earn four items that can be used in the games DOFUS, DOFUS Retro, WAKFU, and DOFUS Touch. These are, respectively, the Cire Momore Armour shield (100%), a Kill Coos Shigekax (100%), the Cire's Waxy Croum pet skin (100%), and the Cire Momore Armour shield (100%).

* To learn about how Twitch Drops work, click here.

Schedule for the evening

  • Introduction:
    • KrosmoNote 2022
    • Presenting the agenda
    • What is Lance Dur?
  • Round table #1: Environments (DOFUS, WAKFU, Touch, WAVEN, and Animation)
  • Spotlight on DOFUS Touch
  • Round table #2: Lance Dur (DOFUS, WAKFU, Touch, WAVEN, Animation, and audio department)
  • Spotlight on DOFUS
    • DOFUS 2
    • DOFUS Retro
  • Round table #3: Antagonists (DOFUS, WAKFU, Touch, WAVEN, and Animation)
  • Spotlight on WAVEN
  • Spotlight on WAKFU
  • Spotlight on Ankama Éditions
  • Spotlight on the WAKFU 'verse
    • One More Gate
    • WAKFU series, Season 4
  • Closing the KrosmoNote