Before the roll-out of update 1.39, we want to invite you to test its content during the beta phase, which starts… now!

In this update, we are reviewing how inventories are managed on the server. In order to identify any malfunctions, we'll be importing active characters from the Eratz server and their inventories and banks. We ask that you be attentive and vigilant in reporting any malfunctions linked to your inventories.

If you don't play on this server, don't worry: You'll be able to go to the Duty Free area, which will give you quick access to levels, equipment, pets… in short, everything you need!

During the beta phase, not all of the update's content is immediately activated.

Like with Beta 1.35, you can access the beta game client through an option in the Ankama Launcher:

Want to report a bug you've found in the beta version? It's easy – just post it in the dedicated forum section.

We hope you'll enjoy testing it! One last thing – don't hesitate to (re)read the devblog for Update 1.39 in case you missed it: