After months of competitions, with the DOFUS World Cup that saw Rafale crowned last week, it's on to the most prestigious tournament of the year: DOFUS Masters 2022 is about to begin!


Each season of the KTA traditionally ends with a special tournament for the top 16 teams of the year. Season 6 is no exception this time around, and the DOFUS Masters should be more intense than ever!

With all-star teams like Rafale, Espoo, Solary, and FromTheAbyss, as well as newer groups like Gods and Engine, it'll be a tough fight to get to the top. The winners will earn prime rewards, notably a cash prize of €15,000!

The competition kicks off next week; tomorrow night comes a launch stream with a drawing to determine the groups' order. For the full tournament schedule, nothing beats a calendar!

So don't miss the show throughout November: open the DOFUS category on Twitch and choose your favorite channel to watch the competition on – the choice is yours!