The 2022 Krosmonote conference took place on Friday, October 28. Let's have a look at the main DOFUS points that were discussed. 

The update is coming soon and it will be massive! 

We have indeed mentionned new bosses, new quests and new environments. It is an extremely rich update, one of the best piece of content that we offer you in the last few years and this also means that we have had to make some strategic choices. 

  • You will be able to visit multiple islands of the Archipelago of Avalonia with each time a very, very different ambiance.
    • Albuera island
    • Ereboria island
    • Ephedrya island – Belladonna's island. The zone is very floral, it is an ancient abandonned Kingdom, where nature is ruler again. 
  • The Forgelances: DOFUS' 19th class. 

The Forgelances

This new class, called the Forgelances, was inspired by LanceDur.  
You will notice that throughout the ages, the Forgelances are always present, even though there are moments where they are more discrete. You've known Forgelances for a long time, but we have simply never told you who they were. . Here is an example: 


The Forgelances are lancers who only believe in themselves. They don't have a god. They know the gods will not save the Twelvians and they aim to create a legacy that even death itself won't be able to touch. 

They want to write their story. They are convinced this is their legacy, their guiding principle, their value. We identify a Viking/knight side. They are very noble, brave in combat, but they are also oaves! 

The Forgelances know that someday an event will come to the World of Twelve and that the gods will not be able to intervene or protect the Twelvians. Such that they do not worship a god, but they have an artifact that brings them together: the Original Lance, which is pyhsically anchored in the World of Twelve. A part of their power might be coming from it as well. It will be up to you to discover! 

The emergence of the Forgelances

It follows everything we have worked on lore-side these past 4 years. This also explains why, through history, like waves, they disappear and reappear since it's in times of crisis, in periods of imminent danger, that more Forgelances mobilise. As you might have noticed during your last adventures, there is always something going on that will completely change the phase of the World of Twelve, no matter the ages.  

With this update, we wanted to return to some peoples that we had not re-exploited such as the nimbos, with Ereboria. Working on the nimbos again was a joy, they have been set aside for too long. 

Cire Momore

There is a real story behind this character with a continuity between DOFUS and WAKFU, and for us that was something really cool to do. The player that goes from one game to the next will be able to find the continuation to its story. And yes, there will even be some characters in common (such as Berylbell).

Gameplay Pillars of the Forgelances

This is an association that did not exist yet, we wanted to try something new. We have also studied the scripts written for the LanceDur series to better understand how a Forgelance fights with its lance because it truly is an extension of the character. We built the entire gameplay around this, which means there is a lot of mobility. It is quite a polyvalent class, that hits hard in areas. 
The lance completely informs the ability to move and fight. 

Let us share a few visuals to show you how we work on a new class and how we work on spells. 

Who says Forgelance says "lance". 
We wanted to create a new type of Melee because it has been a while since we had done it, so now there will be a new type of weapon that is effectively the Lances. We will convert some staves that vaguely rassembled lances and we will also add some new ones. This will lead to the development of new spell effects and new area types. 

Redesign of the Alliance system

The feature is almost ready, but we prefer to delay it to let you all enjoy the content of this new end of year update. The Alliance redesign is therefore scheduled for the beginning of 2023. 


In 2023, 80% of the team will be focused on the finalizing of the Unity port.  
This is mostly the development team that was on the Unity client. But now that they are finished, we have a completely playable version of the game, but it needs to be understood that there is still much to do. We need to be able to transform the content we currently have in game. During the port, we had to always reinvest what we were doing on the current version to the Unity version. We still have to go over all the game maps, characters and equipments and we also have a bunch of new features that will come out with this version. 
If you would like to see the Unity interfaces and what they might look like, here you go!

We wanted to make something a lot more dynamic that brings out the game and its content, whilst keeping a side that's completely modular, where you will be able to set everything to your liking. 

Among other things, you will be able to group your spells. In the interface, you will find a lot more elements. The interface is not the same during fights and exploration, it can also adapt. Everything is modular with a sort of "magnet" system where all the bars connect to each other. 

The work is still ongoing, but we can guarantee that it will honor the game and its content, since this is exactly what we wanted: to free the central area. And for later, we will be able to have a look at tactical mode, but we will need more time, because we already have a lot to do! 

The game will be more lively with more animations and weather effects. It is truly a new game, technically (yes we reiterate: DOFUS 2 players will keep their characters and progression during the port).

By working all year on the port, we estimate that the beta will be available in 2024.  

Beyond the interface, we have planned some specific features that will compile content on monsters, for example. It's a feature that will take some time to complete and will marry gameplay and lore. 

Additionally, you will be able to more easily follow your quest progression, you will have a new end-of-combat module, and the social feature will also be upgraded, allowing the monitoring of mercenary, craft and other offers and cutting out spam from your channels. 

You will be able to enjoy the World of Twelve music in orchestral versions. It's an adaptative, generative music that will add depth and variety to the sound.   

Don't forget: Unity will let you use the graphics card and the entire computer's processor. 



There are many incarnations. We have proposed them for several years in different formats (including certain servers that could never access them). Those incarnations are too neglected. We will therefore transform all 52 incarnations into playable companions. 



This remains to be confirmed, but our Game Designer team has made a first iteration of redesign in game. The current system is too problematic. We are currently seeing how we can integrate this redesign in our planning. 


As promised, it's the next class to receive a redesign since its gameplay is showing its age and it's time to remedy that!  


We have multiple sets, mostly HL, that are scarcely used. We have already went over the sets of the 100-150 level bracket and now, we will take on the 150-200 bracket. We have some sets that are overexploited and some completely unused. We will change the recipes to rebalance, revalue the game's contents and revitalize the economy of certain ressources. 

We will also create new challenges and modify certain existing ones. Without realising it, it is the feature that, on the daily, renews the gameplay! 
And finally, we have reserved for you an awesome Temporis VIII for Christmas 2023.