A heart colder than a Frigostian winter, a soul that lacks any warmth whatsoever, and an icy look that instantly petrifies you: Brumaire has all the qualities of a true demon and was the founder of Brakmar no less. The time has come to meet the Protector of Novamaire's pack!

Sent to the World of Twelve by the Demon Bloodlord Rushu himself, Brumaire was quickly recruited by Xelor to become the protector of the month of Novamaire. And how appropriate it is that an icy spirit presides over one of the chilliest months of the year!

Thanks to his ethereal body, made of mist and steam, he can expand and dissipate into the sky. So, every little cloud you see at this time of year is probably an extension of Brumaire! And now you know why you sometimes see cumulus clouds in the shape of some buttocks…

As soon as the guardian of Novamaire rears his foggy head, the World of Twelve transforms. But that's not all… Twelvians massively change their behavior as well. They get out their turtlenecks, woolen Kwismas sweaters, and hot water bottles. They start doing strange activities like knitting and crosswords. Some turn into wild animals and hibernate in their caves. They stop talking and just emit unintelligible grunts. They stop going outside and are content to stay at home where the cold can't nip at their heels. This transformation is mainly due to Nikodeus, the Meridia of Metamorphosis. Jacoula, the Meridia of Abysses, is not exactly innocent either as he is busy plunging all souls, even those who are usually the jolliest and most sociable, into a deep melancholy and apathy that stops them from wanting to do anything at all.

As for the remaining Twelvians that have managed to retain a modicum of optimism, the Meridia of Frostbite, Lateralus, ensures that they all finally crack, literally and figuratively. So, it's not uncommon to see even those with the sunniest of dispositions turn blue at the slightest annoyance, along with their extremities!

Then we have

Eltux and Inooni, the Meridias of the Colour Blue and Frost respectively, who ensure all the landscapes of the World of Twelve take on that typical wintry appearance.

If you still harbored any doubts, this merely proves once again that nothing gets a demon more fired up than casting a chill!

In keeping with the protector packs we've previously offered, we present the Brumaire Pack! This one will be available in the shop through Wednesday, November 30 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), and it contains:

  • A Novamaire Spirit petsmount

  • A Brumaire Set: Brumaire's Crown* (hat), Brumaire's Coat* (cloak) and Brumaire's Rays* (shield)

  • And a Brumaire's Frost emote

* This set consists of ceremonial items that will be linked to the account for six months. The pack costs €9.99 or 10,000 OG