Beta 2.66 is now open, so come and explore the new Archipelago of Valonia and get to know its inhabitants, the Forgelances!

In the new beta, you can test the new Forgelance class and lots of other features added in Update 2.66. A devblog has been posted to introduce the new class and the Archipelago of Valonia:

To meet the testing requirements for this beta phase:

  • We will import all characters that have been subscribed and active over the last three months.
  • Various NPCs in Astrub will let you level up a Forgelance so you can test the class at different levels.
  • All dungeons will be activated.
  • The new equipment and all items that will be modified during the update can be acquired from the Test Beta NPC at the Zaap in Amakna Village.
  • Kwismas Island will also be activated, and if you go there, you should no longer automatically acquire the Kwismas Stars series of quests…

You can report all bugs you find in this section. Get ready!