The crowds in the stands have cheered and stomped their feet enough. The ground has trembled enough. Everyone has suddenly started to whisper, an obvious sign that the moment they've been waiting for has finally arrived! The curtain rises, and… The Tragic Circus update is available now! Places, everyone!

A new show is starting in DOFUS Retro! A fresh breeze of innovation is blowing at the Trool Fair, the ultimate entertainment site for young and old alike. On the menu for this update:

  • The much-heralded arrival of the Gladiatrool Arena, a marathon event with 10 rooms of increasing difficulty!
  • The surprise return of Tragic The Gardening (a guaranteed nostalgia trip for longtime players).
  • The new custom set interface.
  • An overhaul of the Soul Stone Marketplace.

It's all in the game, and it's available right now!

Want to learn more about this new update before diving into the adventure? Click below to

And to enjoy this update to the max, we are offering you 3 Gladiatrool Admission Token with the gift code shown below, to use on our website, and 3 Gladiatrool Admission Token that will be directly injected to all the BETA 1.39 participants!