An adventurer's work is never done! In amongst all the monsters and mysteries that the World of Twelve loves to throw at you, you may sometimes also run into another type of unexpected difficulty: bugs!

Building good bug-hunting habits


First and foremost: Don't panic! This may not seem like much of a tip, but the fact is that most of the problems that players run into can be resolved very quickly.

Start by analyzing the situation carefully: Are you certain that you've correctly understood the situation you're dealing with (quest, interface, item description, etc.)?
Are you sure you're really looking at a technical problem?

Sometimes players will report a "bug" that actually turns out to be caused by a misunderstanding or lapse of attention.
Some concrete examples:
"This NPC is glitched, they're not offering the quest!" (Turns out you had already completed it.)
"I can't start this quest even though I meet all the requirements!" (Except you're looking at a fan site with an outdated list of requirements).
"My character is missing! Yet another DOFUS bug!" (Oh wait, you were logged in to the wrong account/server.)

Still having the problem after looking at it from every possible angle?

Then it's time to pull out the ultimate solution: clearing your game cache!

This trick is especially effective for getting rid of any display problems with the game.

An NPC isn't appearing when they should? An element you can normally click on is now unresponsive? An interface seems to be displaying incorrectly? In cases like these, go straight to the options screen inside the game to clear your cache:


If you've gone through all of these recommendations and are still running into the same problem, you may well be dealing with an actual bug!

What's the best way to report a bug?

Keep in mind that the goal of a bug report is to help the developer to clearly visualize the problem. This is why providing the right details is so critically important.

First of all, check to make sure that the problem you're facing hasn't already been reported in the DOFUS forum in the bug section. If you find a recent topic (avoiding any that are older than 6 months) that seems to correspond to the problem you're encountering, don't create a new topic – just add the details of your problem to the existing one.

Reporting a bug in the forum

We encourage you to use the following format for your forum topic, providing as much detail as possible:

  • The title of your forum thread should be short and clear. Simply summarize the bug in a few words. There's no need to include the word "bug". Ideally, we should be able to simply read the title to understand what the bug is about.

  • Character nickname(s): Indicate the nickname of the character(s) that experienced the bug.

  • Client version: 32 or 64 bits.

  • Server

  • Date and time of the incident

  • Affected map: Specify the in-game location where you encountered the issue. (Map IDs can be accessed by using the /mapid command in the chat.)

  • Description of the bug: This should also be as complete and precise as possible. Include details about anything unusual you noticed before and after running into the bug.

  • Steps to reproduce the bug: Explain how to reproduce your bug, point by point. In other words, write out the steps that led you to experience the bug.

  • How many times you've experienced this bug in the game: One time after one attempt / one time out of several attempts / occasionally / repeatedly

  • Video or screenshot attachment: A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. To enhance your written report, try to include visual evidence of the issue. We need to see the issue from your perspective and from your POV, which is especially useful when the issue is hard to explain or reproduce (here's a brief refresher on how to attach an image).

Below is a report template you can copy and paste to use for bug reports:

Character nickname:


Date and time of the incident:

Affected map:

Description of the bug:

Steps to reproduce the bug:

How many times you've experienced this bug in the game: One time after one attempt / one time out of several attempts / occasionally / repeatedly

Reporting a bug to Support


You can also report any technical issues you encounter in the game directly to Ankama Support.

To supplement your feedback, if you're able to easily reproduce the bug, you can send a log report.

To do this, simply go into the game settings, then go to the "Support" tab and check the box to "Activate generation of bug reports". The last step is to reproduce the bug and then press F11 on your keyboard. This will save a file that you can then add directly to your Support ticket.


Reporting a bug related to the Launcher

If you run into an issue with the Ankama Launcher, you can always retrieve logs directly through the launcher. Just take the following steps: (1) open the launcher settings, (2) go to the "Assistance" tab, and (3) open the log directory.


Once you've retrieved the archive, visit the Support website to create a new request.

Please note that log reports should not be posted to the forum, and should only be submitted to Support.

What happens next?

Once the problem has been reported, we do everything in our power to resolve it as quickly as possible:

  1. First, we hand the bug off to our testers. They perform various checks to identify the exact source of the issue. Needless to say, if our teams can't reproduce the bug, they also can't do anything to fix it (which is why detailed feedback is so important!).
  2. Once the bug has been identified, the relevant teams set about fixing it. A priority code is assigned to the bug: the more disruptive it is to the in-game experience, the higher its priority.
  3. The assigned teams then fix the bug. How long this takes will depend on how complex the bug is, and also on current production demands.
  4. Once a fix has been implemented, we check back with our QA testers to confirm that the bug is well and truly fixed.
  5. If the fix is confirmed, it will be applied to the main build in the next maintenance or update.
We hope that this article will help you to react more calmly the next time you run into a Krosmic problem (and that you can now understand why upvotes on forum topics don't contribute much to a solution!).