We have made the decision to delay by one week the release of DOFUS Retro's 1.39 Update: Tragic Circus. You will need to remain a little bit more patient before you can discover what is hiding in the Trool's fair. See you on Wednesday, November 23!

Currently in beta, DOFUS Retro's next update is delayed by a week. As we explained in the update's devblog, our teams have worked on multiple upgrades of the game servers, and while finalizing the preparations for tomorrow, we noticed that we would not be able to properly release the update. We have chosen to delay it to take the time to solve this issue, but also to allow you to test the new modifications on the gladiatrool, and the new Soul Stones marketplace. Rest assured that the DOFUS Retro team would have loved to be able to share this new update with you tomorrow!

The 1.39 Beta will remain open for another week, and an update will be brought soon to provide an upgrade to the tonics won in reward of the Gladiatrool.

We are perfectly aware that this might cause some frustration in the community, but we also know that you understand the relevance of our intentions.

We thank all the players that get involved and share with us the maximum amount of information during this Beta phase. It is thanks to them that we will be able to bring you the most perfected update possible.