Its irresistible charm makes prices drop. Its pull is strong enough to make the objects you've been hankering for present themselves to you in the form of offers defying all competition. Black Friday is back!

Bonta Divine! Black Friday is back again this year with even more crazy deals! See for yourself!

From 9 a.m. CET on Friday, November 25 to 11:59 p.m. CET on Sunday, November 27, we have two special offers for you:

  • 40% off all in-game items (excluding subscription and ogrine packs): emotes, sidekicks, fatal blows, pets, harnesses, haven bag themes, petsmounts, living objects, attires, and blind boxes.
  • 50% off all services! 

The Class Packs are available for €9.99 instead of the usual €14.99!

Black Friday's bewitching appeal is so strong that other items are even returning to the store for the occasion...

Don't miss out!

Ankama Shop is no exception!


You might not be the only one wandering the aisles of the Ankama Shop. Judging by the low prices of some items on display, it's a safe bet that Black Friday has left its mark there too. 

Through Monday, November 28th, take advantage of the tantalising deals on a range of products: stuffed toys, DVDs, board games, and loads of other great stuff! Hurry, though, as there's not enough for everyone!