They've been dominating the news for the last few weeks. Those adventurers who wield lances, sport quirky hairdos, and pledge loyalty to no god. It's finally time to try the new Forgelance class!

A new chapter in the World of Twelve is beginning! Log in to the game now to discover the new archipelago of Valonia, plus an all-new character class of strong-willed, heroic lancers who are keen to seize their destiny: the Forgelances.

We wish to inform you that we have encountered some unplanned delays during the translation of some texts of this update, and that unfortunately part of those texts could not be translated on time. This essentially concerns texts linked to the new quests in the update.
We are not satisfied by this situation, and we present our most sincere apologies. Our teams are doing the most to translate and integrate the missing translation as fast as possible: we are planning a first corrective patch on Thursday, December 8, that will not need a maintenance (you will simply need to restart your game client), and a second integration of the last texts during the weekly maintenance of Tuesday, December 13.

The definitive changelog is still being translated, you can consult a partial changelog using the link below. It will be updated in the coming days with the translated version of the definitive changelog.

We apologize once again for the inconvenience, and we wish you despite all a wonderful discovery of Update 2.66!