You've been looking out for it off the Bontarian coast for a few days now. Glad tidings we bring, because Kwismas Island has finally come!

From Wednesday, December 7 through Wednesday, January 4, Kwismas Island, which can be reached via Madrestam Harbour at [8,-6], is back in the game!

A Wicked Shield for Winning

Once again this year, the Kwismas Minotoball will randomly spawn in Amakna during the holiday season. If you manage to burst his bubble, you'll automatically get the aforementioned shield, plus the "Kwismas Nutcracker" title (the Wicked Shield is in the special category of "ceremonial items").

Down with the Minotoball!

The ". . . . ." Emote Is Back!

This was first available last year, and we decided to offer it again: if you successfully complete the repeatable "Merry Kwismas" quest, available from Harry Kwismas at [4,0], you'll get the ". . . . ." emote, also known as the "crow" (limited to one per character).

That Harry's a pretty cool guy, isn't he?