You have been looking out for it off the Bontarian coast now for several days. And glad tidings we bring because Kwismas Island is back again!

From Tuesday, December 6, through Tuesday, January 3, Kwismas Island, which can be reached from Madrestam Harbour at [8,-6], is back in the game again!

This year, we have taken advantage of update 2.66 to brush up Kwismas Island a little and make some improvements:

  • Kwismas Island quests are no longer automatically reset when you arrive at the island.
  • Kwismas Island areas have been made more consistent: We have tweaked the area levels and monster families.
  • Gifts have also been made more consistent. There are not as many of them, and their drop rates aren't affected by prospecting or idols. The rewards have been tweaked to be more appealing.
  • The appearance criteria of the Kwismas Minotoball have been tweaked so that it appears more often.