Waiting until Descendre 25 can be as painful as a dagger in the heart. You think we're exaggerating? Good. That means you can easily pass up all the gifts we're planning to offer up until the big day, right? Aha!

Knowing that, as Kwismas approaches, many people are becoming like you (impatient little ones), we've prepared a few surprises to help tide you over. How would you like to unwrap your gifts early? After all, the jolly old man isn't the only one who can spoil you: so can we!

What's this about? Well, listen closely: you don't need to know! Hey, if we leave it a surprise, you'll only be more delighted later!

In the coming days, you'll definitely want to keep a sharp eye on our social feeds! That's where we'll be sharing the days when gifts can be collected from the online shop or the launcher.

Keep an eye out or you'll miss out!


You can already check out the first gift waiting for you in the shop!