Can't wait to meet the Forgelances or play as one? Dying to explore the all-new archipelago of Valonia? Here's a tip: first check out the new subscription packs so you can prepare for what awaits you in the game…

You must have noticed them… With their pointed lances and quirky hairdos, they're hard to miss! Now you can meet the Forgelances, those headstrong new heroes who brag about not swearing allegiance to any god. In fact, why not join them? Before you do, though, consider picking up one of the special new subscription packs being released for the occasion. You're bound to find what you need to prepare for adventure, specifically one where you explore a mysterious new place: the archipelago of Valonia…

There's a total of three subscription packs available. Featuring:

Discovery Pack

  • A 15-day subscription
  • A Blacksmith Set (helmet, cape, and shield)
  • A color change potion

3-Month Pack

  • A 3-month subscription
  • An Astrub Knight pet (chameleon)

3-Month+ Pack

  • a 3-month subscription 
  • an Astrub Knight living item set containing 5 skins (Astrub Knight Helm, Astrub Knight Aegis, and Astrub Knight Cape, all chameleon) 
  • 5 shoulder pads 
    • Surly Knight Shoulder Pads
    • Implacable Knight Shoulder Pads
    • Do-Gooder Knight Shoulder Pads (chameleon) 
    • Protective Knight Shoulder Pads
    • Agile Knight Shoulder Pads
  • a Paladur pet (chameleon) 
  • a Wielding a Lance emote
  • an unlimited color change potion (valid for three months from the date the pack is bought)

The items in these three packs will all be linked to the account for six months.


Take the plunge!


We are aware of an ongoing issue with the living objects. It is possible for some of your living objects to disappear after a reconnection to DOFUS. The teams are currently working on solving this issue. The items are not actually lost and will be available again once the issue is solved. It is not necessary to contact the support team regarding this issue at the moment!