Once again this year, we're offering the chance to take part in a 3-in-1 Dungeon Farmer! Itzting, Father Kwismas, and Father Whupper are waiting for you in the Kwismas Dungeon to give out chestnuts!

Between Monday, December 19 (3 p.m. CET) and Thursday, December 29 (3 p.m.), make the Itzting, Father Kwismas, and Father Whupper bite the stardust and you could come away with their Wicked Protector! You'll then unlock the title of Itzting Slayer, Father Kwismas Slayer, or Father Whupper Slayer, or all three, depending on the boss(es) you defeat!

Please note: Shields obtained will not be linked to your account.

Don't bother knocking (unless it's to knock down the three bozos above) – to enter the dungeon, you won't need a key. Just talk to Hector Kwismas at the entrance and he'll be happy to open the door for you. The dungeon must be done in three stages. True, it's a single location, but you'll be able to take on the three aforementioned creatures there. Once you've raked the Itzting (low-level, bronze shield) over the coals, you'll have the option to redo the dungeon and pick a fight with Father Kwismas instead (mid-level, silver shield). If you have some energy left, you can restart the experience a third and final time with Father Whupper (high-level, gold shield) as the boss.

Good luck, and whatever you do… don't pull any punches!


* The Wicked Protector shield can only be obtained by battling the boss in the relevant dungeon (arena fights don't count), and you'll receive it immediately after the fight. Its drop rate is 10% and can't be modified through prospecting or through challenge bonuses. This unique item is equipped like a standard shield, and it doesn't grant any stats to the wearer. You can't obtain it if you already have it in your inventory.