Starting today on Thursday, December 15, you'll have access to a unique musical experience. A series of select tracks well known among Ankama fans, sprinkled with a little something new… Are you ready for an intense 16-minute listening experience?

From Thursday, December 15, you get to enjoy a brand-new immersive music experience. Pierre-Jean Beaudoin, the audio director in Ankama's sound department, has come up with a series of powerful themes, all from the Ankamaverse. These several tracks come together to form a whole, offering you a cohesive 16-minute compilation that should be listened to all the way through!

They're mostly songs you know, but one is completely new: the Sarabande theme, arranged by LAS AVES for the WAKFU Season 4 trailer!

Regular viewers of Ankama Live will no doubt recognize the score for the waiting room, specially adapted for the occasion.

This intense listening experience is available on Youtube, Spotify, and more!