Ankama's brand-new free-to-play and multiplayer tactical-RPG game, which is set in the Krosmoz universe like its predecessors WAKFU and DOFUS, is now available in an alpha version! This first test version is also open to the international community because it's translated in English!

It's a huge day for WAVEN. Ankama's latest creation, which is currently in development, is releasing a public alpha version today, and it's open to players worldwide!

Be immersed in a unique world where beauty and desolation are intertwined, a partially submerged world where a few interspersed islands are all that remains of what has been lost…

Play as one of the many classes of the World of Twelve and set out to uncover the myriad of secrets held in its waters…

The task falls to you: to write the legend of WAVEN… and your own!

In terms of art design, WAVEN features mainly 3D environments, enriched with 2D elements, presented in Ankama's trademark anime-manga style. However, the game is not just a simple sequel to WAKFU and DOFUS. It has its own distinctive art style and an easily recognizable identity.

Engage in varied and strategic turn-based combat. Face formidable foes, in solo or multiplayer mode, co-op or PvP. Make your guild proud: Take it to the top of the rankings by competing against other ambitious adventurers!

Attack is all well and good, but don't forget your defense: Defend your Haven Isle in asynchronous arenas: a unique game mode combining invasion and territory defense.

WAVEN is also an exciting combination of deck-building and theorycrafting: Build your spell deck and equip your character with the best gear possible to become even more powerful!

WAVEN is easy to learn, but there are still plenty of challenges to tackle and obstacles to overcome. It has rich and expansive storytelling, with daily quests and missions with even higher stakes. During these adventures, you travel to all the monster islands, sailing from one to the other and venturing into dungeons to uncover the mysteries hidden throughout the game…

Although WAVEN is only available as an online game at the moment, it will eventually come to PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones! And a small but important feature: The game will have a cross-save system, so you can resume your adventure from where you left off on whichever platform you want!

For more information about the game, please refer to the official page here:

Note that this is just the beginning of the WAVEN adventure: In the near future, the game will be translated in other languages and so can be enjoyed by even more communities!

Want to explore more of this amazing world? Download the game now from the Ankama Launcher!

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