New quest, resetting of the saves... All you need to know about the next update!

It's been almost two months since an early access version of One More Gate launched! The launch has allowed us to get tons of feedback from players, and we're very grateful for how much the community helps us every day. Because of this, we've been able to identify players' wants and needs. After several hours of reflection, we made the decision to change our development priorities, as you can see in the new roadmap below:

The first "major" update will therefore be implemented in game on December 15, 2022.

We view this update as very significant, as saves will be reset. This is a big decision, but it's also unavoidable given the huge gameplay changes to come in the near future. Rest assured: This will be the only time we'll have to reset your saves during early access. C

Without further ado, here is a list of updated content you'll see in the game starting December 15:

  • Following a community-wide poll, a new divine statue will be introduced: the statue of Ecaflip!
  • Revamped divine cards: Modification on their use.
  • Revamped equipment items: these are now consumables that can be used during combat. They have a cooldown and will add flexibility to your decks.
  • Elite chafer monsters will be added.
  • The second dungeon's quest will be added.
  • The ability to get cards in dungeons will be added.
  • Save slots will be added.

Don't forget to join our discord to discuss with the community about these changes.