Whoever came up with the idea of putting Djaul in charge of Descendre? Well, that would be Xelor. The god of time must have been blowing hot and cold when he made that decision. Or, was it instead a sly way of keeping one of the most fearsome demons ever busy and keeping a close eye on him? Hmm… Clever!

When one of the worst creatures of the Shustuft Crust takes charge of a month in the Krosmic calendar, you can only assume things are heating up. In reality, it's the opposite. Djaul, protector of the month of Descendre, takes evil pleasure in chilling the inhabitants of the World of Twelve to the bone.

To complete his mission, the hot-blooded demon can count on the unwavering support of his faithful meridia. Thus, when he wants to make temperatures plunge below zero to delight in the spectacle of poor Twelvians noses freezing off while he luxuriates in the warmth of the Shustuft Crust, Djaul calls on Edacsak.

One of the demon's little foibles is his instability, probably provoked by the meridia Korri. As Descendre nears its end, Djaul can't help but try to extend his fun by trying to steal a few days from Jiva. Just another reason – as if another were needed – that we're dealing with a vile, unscrupulous individual!

While for many, the month of Descendre means joy, festivities, Nowel carols, a jolly, generous bearded fellow, and the delicious smell of cinnamon, it is also the season for two other events that delight a whole different group of people: Father Whupper Day and the rough and tumble Brakmarathon.

There's absolutely no doubt about it – Descendre is the most infernal month of the year!

In keeping with past protector packs, we present the Djaul Pack! This one will be available in the shop until December 28 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time). It contains:

  • Descendre Spirit petsmount
  • Djaul Set: Djaul's Horns* (headgear), Djaul's Wings* (costume) and Djaul's Skull* (shield)
  • Djaul's Fury emote

* This set consists of ceremonial items that will be linked to the account for six months. The pack costs €9.99 or 10,000 OG



* Linked to the account for 6 months. These are ceremonial items.