Two new jewelry items have just been added to the online Ankama Shop! Demonic fury on the one hand, the power of the Dofus on the other… Which side will you choose? Or for that matter, why not both?

Rubilax, the demon imprisoned in the ruby adorning the sword brandished by Percedal, the heroic warrior at the heart of the WAKFU animated series, now takes the form of a beautiful and understated pendant! Designed in partnership with Nous Sommes des Héros, this pendant is crafted from galaxium, a robust and corrosion-proof material. It's a refined piece that will stand the test of time, delivered in an elegant matte black case with the logos of both of its creators. Who would have thought that a demon could look so sophisticated?

Limited edition of 300.
DOFUS Charm Bracelet

If you can't hold them in your hands in real life, at least you can wear them around your wrist! This delicate rhodium bracelet reunites all six Primordial Dofus in the form of attractive charms. This lovely piece is sure to bring happiness and good luck your way!