Love… It can bring out the best or the worst in us. One of the strongest feelings, along with hate (that can't be a coincidence…). Naturally, it deserved its own holiday! This year too, Saint Ballotwine will play games with your heart. Find out what you could gain in return!

Do you know the story of Beefcake and the Bworkette? Once upon a time, there was a Bwork who had been graced by Mother Nature with incredible looks (by his people's standards, of course). An oversized tongue, perfectly irregular pustules, a splendid pair of wildly protruding ears, and of course, bad breath so intense it could knock the horns off a gobball. The only trouble was, the poor guy was barely half the height of any other Bwork… What a drag!

Beefcake had an all-consuming passion for a Bworkette with some pretty impressive assets of her own. But while little Beefcake had a big heart, his beloved Bworkette seemed to have none at all… The warrior woman relentlessly repelled the Bwork's advances, preferring to spend her days stabbing enemies through the heart rather than opening her own to some lowly male.

Just when he thought he'd tried everything, Beefcake had a stroke of genius. Besides her insatiable desire for battle, the Bworkette was also insatiable when it came to the pleasures of food. So our clever little lovebird asked Otomai himself to make him a chocolate axe with a creamy filling made from his most secret ingredients… After just one bite, the effect was immediate: caught by the sudden onset of chocrosis, the Bworkette finally developed a taste for Beefcake… and gobbled him right up!

Lady-killers, man-eaters, and gobball-hunters, take heed: love is knocking at your door again!

From Tuesday, February 14 (after maintenance) until Tuesday, February 21 (after maintenance), life in the World of Twelve – and gobballs specifically – will be rosy. Chocrosis, a curse resulting from a failed experiment by the famous alchemist Otomai, has struck our adorable woolly friends once again. If you decide to attack them, just be aware that you, too, will wind up looking as soft and pink as a roll of extra-cottony three-ply toilet paper. But don't panic – so far, no other negative side effects have been reported.

As in years past, you'll get something as soon as the event starts. That's right: a St. Ballotwine's Day Gift will be yours. Said gift contains a box of Ballotwine Chocolates, a Passion Shigekax, 5 Heart-Shaped Fairyworks, and for single adventurers, a St. Ballotwine's Day Hat that unlocks the title Lonely Heart. To receive it, use the code DOFUS2LOVE2023 here! Who knows, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who winds up with a ring on their finger this year!

So act fast, before love gets away from you!