Since 2018, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) has come after the DOFUS World Series (DWS). In 2023, you'll get a new system, with a kind of return to basics!

2021 featured a cash prize of over €40,000, tournaments with over 2,000 players, and the first LAN event for the DOFUS Masters final at ESpot Paris. 2022 saw the participation of streamers Sapeuh, Huz, Humility, and Tarkan, the DOFUS World Cup final as an opener for the KrosmoNote at Espot Paris, and the DOFUS Masters final at Solary. The KTA has thrilled you more than ever these last few years, and it's sure to continue with the upcoming schedule for 2023! Sharpen your blades, because Season 7 of the DOFUS eSports circuit is about to begin…

A New, Clearer Schedule

The KTA used to be criticized for being overloaded or complicated. Having tournaments in quick succession, it was sometimes hard to get your bearings and follow everything. In 2023, there will be a new system that streamlines the schedule and makes things clearer! Without further ado, let's look at the timetable…

The system is based on qualifying tournaments (also known as qualifiers), which determine the teams to then take part in championships (Silver and DOFUS Championships), capped off with a grand DOFUS World Cup and the DOFUS Masters to end the year. You may notice that inspiration was taken from the DWS, with a completed version of that schedule to offer everyone a complete year! And of course, all tournaments will be played in draft format.


Let's get into the details of each event:

Two editions of the DOFUS qualifier will take place throughout the year, with one ultimate goal: to be one of the few top teams and qualify for the championship!
The first qualifier in 2023, which you can register for now, offers two places in the DOFUS Championship and six places in the Silver Championship.

The DOFUS Championship is the first division in DOFUS eSports. Reserved for the top 8 teams, with two editions per season, being included will put you in the spotlight and make you a PvP star! Not to mention the chance to score prizes, including a cash prize in the thousands…

The Silver Championship is the second division, just a step away from the best of the best. Consisting of only 10 teams and taking place twice a year, it's a challenge just to enter this competition – but the reward is being in an ideal place to advance and then aim for the highest rank!

The DOFUS World Cup is the biggest event of the year, open to anyone who wants to take part. With a huge cash prize and the chance to rub shoulders with the best DOFUS players, it's the annual PvP event you don't want to miss! The 2023 World Cup will be happening earlier than previous seasons, this time between May and June.

Finally, like every year, the 2023 DOFUS eSports cycle will conclude with the DOFUS Masters. This competition brings together the top 16 teams of the season for a great show to be livestreamed throughout November… and you may just be in the lineup if you do well!

Obviously we can't provide all the conditions of every event in this article alone. For more details, head to the KTA website!

Most importantly, registration for the first DOFUS qualifier is already open, and that means you too can sign up! You have until February 17 to enter the arena.


A Tournament Server for All, All the Time

Here's a detail not widely known: the tournament server, where you have access to 19 game classes at level 200 and all equipment, is semi-permanently accessible to all players, with no conditions! Simply create an account on the KTA website and request access: follow the very simple procedure described on this page!


The KTA is also happening on Twitch! Got a channel and want to stream the KTA? KTA is happy to help! Drop in to the KTA Discord server and contact one of the "Head Staff" to make your request.

Social Media

As always, we encourage you to follow the KTA on their socials to keep up with their news and announcements!

  • Twitter: This is where you'll find all DOFUS eSports news.
  • Discord: If you're entering a tournament, it's highly recommended that you join the server, as many announcements are made there.
  • Twitch: KTV streams the biggest matches throughout the year.
  • YouTube: All replays of the matches are available here.
  • Official website: Rules, registration, tournament results, and more – everything you need to know about DOFUS eSports is on the KTA website!