Many of you asked for it, and now the team has delivered: Expedition mode is finally on its way! On the menu for this patch: new environments, new challenges and a whole new way to play! Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

Expedition Mode for Ninnies

After pulverizing more gobballs, plisskens and chafers than you can count, you finally feel ready to step through the zaap and open the door to a new challenge. And what a challenge it is!

In this game mode, you'll start with a deck of 7 cards drawn randomly in the form of a draft. More specifically, you'll be presented with a set of 5 cards from which you'll choose 3. You'll then see another set of 5 cards from which you'll pick 2, then repeat that step once more to bring you up to seven cards.

But beware: You'll need to have bought the card in classic mode to unlock it in expedition mode. If you haven't, the card will still be presented to you in the draft phase, but you won't be able to select it for inclusion in your expedition deck.

Once the draft phase is over, the battle can begin!

There will be four levels to progress through, two of which are completely exclusive:

  • Strawmerry Fields
  • Mountains
  • Cemetery
  • Crypts

The difficulty will increase from one level to the next, thanks to enemies with increasingly complex and aggressive mechanics. Every time you win a fight, you'll be asked to choose one of two new cards to add to your deck, along with some resource rewards (runes, kamas, etc.).

Ecaflip chests give you a way to obtain a new currency specific to expedition mode: tokens. They can be used with wandering merchants to buy or dispose of cards. There are no card upgrades in this mode!

If you die, you'll still earn kamas and XP based on your progress in the expedition. Your cards and tokens will be lost, however. If you start a new expedition, you'll have to start over from scratch!

Sounds awesome! But how do I unlock expedition mode?

You'll gain access to this new game mode after beating the boss of the cemetery level (Level 2) in the classic game mode. Easy-peasy!

We can't wait to hear what you think of this patch! And, as always, feel free to contact us on Discord by clicking HERE.