Update 2.67 will be here soon. Come join us on Monday, March 6, for a livestream where it will take center stage!

The Alliance system and Incarnations revamp are the key features of the upcoming Update 2.67!

Before checking it out all out for yourself, we're inviting you to a livestream taking place at 14:30 CET on Monday, March 6, on our AnkamaLive channel, which you can watch here:

LoganDjinn, Nealin, Idseas and Crocus will reveal everything (about the update; let's not get carried away…). A devblog on the Incarnations revamp will then be published on the website, where you can already find the second part of the Alliance system revamp devblog!

The live will be in French with regular summaries in English by Djinn. We are also testing an automatic transcription tool that would allow for approximate subtitles of what is said during the live. You can activate the automatic translation of this subtitling via your browser's translation options.

We know this solution is not satisfying, and although we came a long way in terms of making information accessible to all our communities around the world at the same time, we do not hesitate to test and experiment with new options to help you share those moments of exchange with us.

See you then!