Beta 2.67 is now available for three weeks! Check out the new and improved Alliance system and the Incarnation revamp, among other changes.

This new beta version is your chance to test out the Alliance revamp we presented in an initial devblog post at the end of last year and in a recent update inspired by your feedback:

Not only that, this beta also features a revamp of Incarnations, which are now becoming new Sidekicks:

For the testing purposes of this beta phase:

  • We will import all characters that have been subscribed and active for three months as of February 28.
  • All dungeons will be activated.
  • The requirement to be an alliance member for at least 48 hours before being allowed to join a King of the Hill phase will be temporarily deactivated.
  • In addition to the usual items, the Test-a-Beast NPC (accessible at [-2,0]) will also offer:
    • all sidekick signals
    • and various items, resources, and consumables associated with alliances.

You can check out all the changes in this beta by reading the changelog: