Update 2.67 will be available this Tuesday, March 28! But are you sure you know what it holds in store? Here's a quick recap of the main changes you can expect to see, along with a few little improvements that are worth checking out as well.

Update 2.67 includes two major revamps that will be going live with the scheduled maintenance this Tuesday, March 28. Yes, that's right: the Alliances revamp and the Incarnations revamp are nearly here! Visit the website to read our devblogs about them, if you haven't already! The Beta server is also still open if you'd like to get a peek at what lies ahead for you on Tuesday.

Also in this update…

Let's also take a moment to look at some other changes that are coming with this update:

Free class change up to level 20: Meet Andre Inkarnay in front of the Incarnam Inn for a free class change potion!

Mount XP: Over at the Alliance Temple, Teggun is offering a brand-new potion with 500 4000 experience points for your mount, for the bargain price of just 500 nuggets.
Kit Knapping's Mine: By completing Kit's mine, you can now obtain his chest, which will contain one to three rewards:
  • x10 units of ore
  • x1 alloy
  • x1 to 10 miner scrolls
The higher the ore's or alloy's level, the lower its drop rate will be.
Changes to automatic listing rules for houses and paddocks: Listing of houses and paddocks for sale will now be truly automatic: A check will be run every hour, and houses or paddocks that are supposed to be put back up for sale at that time will be listed automatically.

Many other changes await you in this update, and you can read all about them in the full changelog that will be published when the servers open!